This guide to purchasing Ca Muni Bonds is for educational purposes only and not
an offer to sell.

CA municipal bonds are usually quite stable over long periods (most of the time). This guide will make some sense of purchasing  bonds for those looking to  invest.

Muni Bonds have more predictable characteristics owing to their fixed interest rates.  So they make suitable investments for low risk investors, but YOU the investor must make sure your purchase municipal bonds that meet your risk tolerance.

Use this guideline when purchasing CA Muni bonds:

  • Find a broker dealer that specializes in CA Muni Bonds
  • always ask the rating on a bond before you invest
  • check the insurance on the bond and make sure the insurer
    is suitable
  • check to make sure you are not overpaying for a bond
  • be diversified in your muni bond portfolio
  • consider a management program for your muni bond holdings

Remember it is up to you to make sure your investments are safe and to chekc on them regularly to make sure there are not changes in ratings.

Good investing to you.